Welcome to our blog. We completed completed our Silk Road journey in June 2019 and we hope that you enjoy planning your own big journeys.  We also welcome those who just enjoy reading about the adventures of others! But plan to enjoy them from their own fireside. Either way, we very much hope you enjoy our tales.

Uz3 - Twinnies in Bukhara

We started Weds 2nd May with some excitement, because we found Landy parked next to another old Landcruiser with a pop top.  Almost twins, except our car was much dirtier, having been spattered with clusters of sticky white mulberries,  clearly a specialty of Bukhara.  


Again, we did not have time to stop and find the owners.  Looking at theirs, we did wonder whether a slightly newer model might have been wiser, given our experience to date.  However,  our engine seems pretty solid, so the perforated fuel tank could have happened to a younger model. 

The Mir-I-Arab Madrassa

The Mir-I-Arab Madrassa

Today Jim and I jumped into Landy to follow our guide and driver who took us off to see a number of monuments out of town.  The two cars meant that our friends, Peter and Christine also could join Jim, Nora and I on our tour today.  


We have visited so many Palaces, Mosques, Museums and mausoleums that I am starting to become cross eyed.  If you really like that kind of thing, then I promise you that Uzbekistan is definitely the place to go.  


In the Citadelle (the Ark) we spied these guys (below) walking around as a small group with special hats.  These distinctive hats were on sale as souvenirs in shops locally, but these guys were wearing them in earnest.  I asked where they were from and if I could take a photo.  The answer was surprising.


They came from Kyrgyzstan, which is where we are due to travel shortly and the hats were national dress.  I asked what they did for a living and that was also a surprise, as at least one, if not two of them were retired physicians on holiday.  They talked about living at great height in the Obishir mountains.   

This particular day we stopped for refreshments, not once but twice!  We were taken by Somsas.  These are a cross between a meat pastie and a samosa.  The second stop came about because we saw them being baked in one of the traditional ovens that sit outside many houses and cafes.  


Somsa being baked in a Tandir

Each one is slapped against the hot brick wall of the oven and somehow it sticks tight until cooked.  We don’t quite know what stops it from falling into the base of the oven.  But when we came back to buy them about half an hour later there were only two left for sale!


Surprisingly in Bukhara a number of the grandest of monuments appear to have storks perched on the top.  On closer inspection they would appear to be fake!


One of our last acts in Bukhara was to buy me a bright green blended cotton and silk dress made of a fabric designed and woven in the shop.  They did not have my size, (very large) so I thought that was that.  Not at all,  after being measured from top to toe, three hours later, I walked out with a smart frock which I may wear to George and Maria’s wedding in Bucharest!  No photos yet.

Uz4 - To the Mountains of Nuratau

Uz4 - To the Mountains of Nuratau

Uz2 - Bukhara - All the Presidents’ Men

Uz2 - Bukhara - All the Presidents’ Men