The Route

How We plan to track our route

We intend to track our actual route using a Maps Me app on a tablet which has GPS.  It should then show where we have actually gone, against the planned route.  We can also drop a bookmark each evening.  We can then take a screen shot and upload the progress made into this blog. The route has been planned in Google Maps and the file was exported as a .kml file.  The file was saved into the Samsung Galaxy S2, where the Maps Me app had been installed.  It is then possible to upload the .kml file from the tablet into Maps Me.  It appears in Maps as a bookmark set with the given file name.

The test set below, should be a mirror of the map above, showing the Maps Me bookmark version.  

As we travel, it should be possible to download the free maps into maps me.  Then more detail should be available on the screenshot. We will see!

First screenshot 16th December 2017

first route map.png

Also we have purchased an Inreach Garmin which will ping our route regularly when it is switched on at: