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Sonia in Butte de Suin

Sonia in Butte de Suin

Hello, my name is Sonia.


I am in my 60's and my husband Jim and I are both now retired from public sector jobs in Health and Housing in London. We have decided to follow the travels of Marco Polo from Venice to China in our newly acquired, very old Landcruiser (Landy). However, we plan to end up in Australia where, thanks to my Australian mother, I have many relatives.

We expect to have many adventures, to see some amazing places and to sample great, and not so great food.  One of the biggest challenges will be sleeping comfortably in our vehicle in all weathers.  Lots to get used to and more of that in due course.  We hope our lack of languages does not prevent us from connecting with people we meet on the route.  

I anticipate that our Landy maintenance skills will improve exponentially en route and there will be more on that too as we progress.  Jim has taken on the role of route planner in chief, map reader, not to mention organiser of visa's and I think I am being cast as support team, car maintenance and gear organiser and  potentially chief blogger!  

My Dad always wanted to get into a Land Rover and cross the Sahara and although he made it to Afghanistan and many other faraway places, he did not manage his big 4x4 trip in the desert - I am sure he will be with us in spirit and for sure he was just as crazy.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places, whatever your age and ability. Feel free to leave a comment or follow us on social media! (Just to add that in 2019, we are now safely back in Europe)

Hello, my name is Jim,

Having travelled extensively in my youth in the USSR (which expelled me and banned me for life), in India, in Afghanistan, and in China I have then taken some time out for fifty years to go to work.

Having now retired, I looking forward to hitting the road again.