Welcome to our blog. We are starting to document our Silk Road journey.  We will start with some of the planning and preparation!

Iran 7 - Happenings in the Garage

Unfortunately one of the garage mechanics has injured his left hand removing our gear box.  He has gone off to hospital to get an X-ray.  All very modern and expected.  We wish him well and feel bad for him. 

However,  other things were more mysterious and unexpected. Firstly strange smelling herbs were thrown on the broiler (otherwise used to boil the kettle) to smoke out the garage.  This was to ward off ‘the evil eye’ and prevent further accidents and to speed his recovery.  

The next thing was a bit more shocking.  A mechanic turned up on a bike clutching a live chicken.  They then swiftly slit its throat in the yard and garnered its spilt blood to sprinkle around the garage.  


The chicken itself, having been sacrificed was dispatched again and is being taken to a poor family as a gift.  Gifts to the poor also bring good fortune. 


Iran 8 - En route to Turkmenistan

Iran 8 - En route to Turkmenistan

Iran 6 - Khavarno - in Teheran