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Iran 4: Persepolis

Iran 4: Persepolis


One of the highlights of our trip was the visit to Persepolis.

Persepolis was the massive ceremonial capital founded by Darius the Great.   It was built on an immense and impressive terrace which is part natural and part artificial.


Because it was burnt by Alexander the Great in 330 BC and partly covered in ash, much of it is remarkably well preserved.

Because Darius built the largest empire ever, measured by the percentage of the world’s population ruled by the empire, there are beautiful sculptures of people from 24 nations paying homage to the King of Kings.   Other sculptures show the 10,000 Immortals who guarded Darius and his successor Xerxes.

This is such an important archaeological monument that it is hardly surprising that it was one of the first UNESCO World Heritage sites.

it is splendid to behold.




Iran 5 - Breaking Down

Iran 5 - Breaking Down

Iran 3 - Travelling North through the Eastern Desert